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Walkway & Stepping Stones

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    Steps - Snapped Four Sides - 16" Depth - Chester - Vermont

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Transform Your Outdoor Space with Premium Stepping Stones

Elevate both the functionality and allure of your outdoor environment with our exquisite selection of premium stepping stones. Whether you're envisioning a winding pathway meandering through your garden or seeking to infuse visual intrigue into a landscaped area, our diverse array of stone steps provides an ideal solution for your project. With the versatility to complement various landscaping elements, including patio stones and concrete pavers, our stepping stones pavers seamlessly integrate into your design vision, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space while offering practicality and durability.

Why StonesDirect's Stepping Stones Are the Ideal Choice

When it comes to enhancing your outdoor space, choosing the right stone steps is essential. Here's why our stepping stones pavers stand out from the rest:

Premium Quality: Our stepping stones are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity, even in outdoor environments subjected to various weather conditions.

Wide Selection: With a diverse range of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures available, you'll find the perfect stepping stones to complement your unique design vision and landscaping style.

Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize customer satisfaction above all else, ensuring that you receive top-notch service and quality products that exceed your expectations.

Range of Colors for Your Walkway Stone Selection

Available in a variety of shades, sizes, and textures, our natural walkway stone cater to every style and design preference. We offer a range of options including:

1. Limestone: Natural, durable, and versatile for various outdoor applications.

2. Blue Granite: Elegant, sturdy, and adds a touch of sophistication.

3. Canyon Gray: Classic, timeless, and blends seamlessly with any landscape.

4. Southern Buff: Warm, inviting, and enhances outdoor ambiance.

5. Rustic Buff: Charming, rugged, and adds character to pathways.

6. Buff Cream: Soft, creamy tones create a tranquil outdoor space.

7. Castleton Granite: Premium quality, durable, and exudes elegance.

Contact StonesDirect today for all your stepping stone needs, and experience the transformative difference quality makes in your outdoor living space.



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Yes, we can send samples. Please email us at Support@stonesdirect.com what product you're interested in along with your address. There is a $39 fee for shipping - the samples are free.


We currently ship to the United States. For any other regions, please contact us at 1(800) 688 1796 to see if we can help.! We are relatively quick given we are quarry direct but it depends on the time of year, as spring and summer are generally busier. Lead times are generally 2-4 weeks. Special orders may take longer.

HOW MUCH DO PRODUCTS COST? How do I know how much I need?

Product pricing is found on all product pages and we have a wide variety of stones for all budgets! Don't know how much you need? Just enter your sq footage, linear footage, or number of pieces on the product page and we'll calculate that for you. All shipping costs, calculated in your cart, are subsidized and dependent on the distance from the quarry, order volume, and weight. we guarantee the best price as we are quarry direct. To view more stepping stones photos, please visit our idea gallery

How do you prepare the ground for stepping stones?

To prepare the ground for stepping stones, clear debris, and level the area. Excavate the soil, creating a slight depression for the stones. Optionally, add a layer of well-compacted sand or gravel to enhance stability and drainage. Ensure a smooth, level surface before placing the stepping stones for a secure and durable pathway.

What should I put under stepping stones?

For stable and long-lasting placement, it's advisable to put a well-compacted base of sand or gravel under stepping stones. This provides a level surface, aids in drainage, and minimizes the risk of settling or unevenness. Proper preparation of the substrate ensures the stepping stones remain secure and durable over time.

How do you hold stepping stones in place?

To hold stepping stones in place, ensure a well-prepared base by clearing debris and leveling the ground. If desired, add a layer of compacted sand or gravel for stability. Press the stones firmly into the substrate, creating a snug fit. Additionally, filling the gaps between stones with sand or gravel helps secure them and prevents shifting, ensuring a stable and durable pathway.